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Symphyotrichum subspicatum / Douglas Aster

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The hardy and lovely Douglas Aster is native to the West and is an adaptable perennial for pollinator gardens (Zones 5-9).

Symphyotrichum subspicatum reaches 2 ft (1 meter) and comes into bloom in August and September just in time to pinch-hit with nectar when most other flowers are drying up. Plays well with others. Slow to spread in gardens.

Growing: Plant outside in fall or direct sew in the spring. Does not need cold stratification. Cover ever so slightly in pots. Keep moist and warm for indoor germination. Seeds can be slow to germinate. ….What was that virtue again?

Pro tip: You can pinch growing stems for bushier plants. Extend blooms by deadheading.

0.75 g / 1000+ seeds