About Jardin Buzz - Qui le Buzz?

Jardin Buzz s'engage à créer des jardins urbains exubérants pour les pollinisateurs, avec des graines, des plantes adaptées aux pollinisateurs et des services de conception de jardins.

L'état de nos pollinisateurs est triste, perplexe et déprimant, mais faire partie de la solution peut être incroyablement amusant, facile et gratifiant. 

Nous cultivons de nombreux types de plantes indigènes afin que vous puissiez avoir trois saisons de fleurs. Les plantes indigènes sont des plantes vivaces qui nécessitent peu de soins et sont les meilleures pour nos pollinisateurs. 

La mission de sensibilisation de Jardin Buzz est axée sur la promotion des asclépiades indigènes au Québec, des plantes nécessaires à la survie des monarques. Notre objectif? Que chacun ait un carré d’asclépiade! 

Nous proposons des ateliers sur la stratification à froid des graines (nécessaire pour la plupart des plantes indigènes), la propagation de l'asclépiade, la collecte de graines d'asclépiade et la conception de jardins pour pollinisateurs.

Jardin Buzz offre tous les ingrédients nécessaires pour transformer une parcelle de gazon monoculture, une ruelle ou un balcon en un lieu bourdonnant de fleurs!


Jardin Buzz is dedicated to building exuberant, urban pollinator gardens. We provide Montreal-grown seeds, pollinator-friendly plants and design expertise. Jardin Buzz is based in Verdun and is a proud new member of Grand Potager. 

The state of our pollinating insects is sad, perplexing and depressing, but being part of the solution can be incredibly fun, easy and rewarding. 

We grow many types of native species so you can have three stunning seasons of flowers. Native plants are low-maintenance, perennial and the best for our pollinators. Jardin Buzz’s outreach focuses on promoting native milkweeds to Quebec, the plants necessariy for monarch survival.

Our goal is for everyone to have a milkweed patch! We offer workshops on cold seed stratification (needed for most native plants), seed starting, milkweed propatation and pollinator garden design.

Jardin Buzz offers everything you need to take a patch of monoculture grass, your alley or balcony and get it buzzing with blooms!

photo credit: S. Loze

Krin Haglund - Buzz Boss

Krin Haglund is a Montreal-based pollinator gardener, seed producer and designer and also a circus director and actress. She founded Jardin Buzz to encourage exhuberant urban pollinator gardens. Krin brings her signature spark and enthusiasm to what can be a depression situation. 

After spending 18 years in dark theatres performing with many of the most exciting circus companies, including the 7 Fingers, Cirque Éloize, and Cirque du Soleil. Haglund needed to get her hands dirty, return to her roots and encourage her fellow urbanites to plant for pollinators and biodiversity.

Daughter of an ecologist and science educator with  Haglund grew up in Madison Wisconsin catching bees in her native-plant filled backyard. After her second child slowed the pace of non-stop touring, Krin began to plant for pollinators and is passionate about milkweeds, seed saving and the unique benefits of urban pollinator gardens. 

On the performance side, she is known for  her role as “Ms. Martel,” on  Big Top Academy (seasons 1 & 2) and Big Top Academy: Schools Out Edition. With The Radiant she has produced three original circus shows, including her one-woman show The Rendez-Vous. Haglund is inspired to share clown and performance techniques through coaching and directing motivated students from across disciplines. Haglund’s work, known for a profound connection between performer and audience, explores the intersection of character, comedy, and acrobatics. She is a graduate of Smith College and is also the first woman to perform the Cyr Wheel apparatus.

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