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Jardin Buzz

Iris Versicolor "Gerald Darby" / Iris Versicolor "Gerald Darby" / L'iris versicolore "Gerald Darby"

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Jardin Buzz is thilled to be growing this hearty cultivar of Quebec’s native iris! L'iris versicolore or Blue Flag Iris is the emblem of Quebec's flagIt thrives in moist areas, the edges of ponds, water gardens and even containers, but will tolerate all but the most dry garden environments. 

The violet-blue flowers with yellow centers form clups and the spring foliage are tinged with purple. A great option for feeding your hungry spring earlys summer pollinators!

Versicolor Iris- H: 60-90 cm L: 30-75 cm Espacement: 45 cm 

Soleil/mi-soleil- Sun/Part-Sun

Floraison:  violet, fin printemps - début l'été  Blooms: purple, late spring early summer

Indigène du Québec Native, rain gardens