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Symphyotrichum novae-angliae / New England Aster / Aster de Nouvelle-Angleterre

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Help the monarchs pack on calories for their journey south with my tall, fall blooming favorite, the New England Aster. Bees love these tall, purple flowers with yellow centres. These showy asters like rich soil and sun or part sun, but I find them surprisingly unfussy.

Host plant for the Pearl Crescent, the Gorgone Checkerspot butterfly and Northern Flower moth.

Tall blooms, 3' - 5' ft (100 to 150 com) but the stems are sturdy and don’t seem to need staking until the end of the season. Naturally occurring in moist areas.

Growing: Sew outdoors in fall. Press gently to ensure soil contact. Or, cold stratification needed.

Cover ever so slightly in pots. Keep moist and warm for indoor germination. Transplant when seedlings are at least 2 inches (5 cm) tall, transplant 1 ft 30 cm (30 cm) apart.

Sun, Part Sun, Host, Nectar, Fall, Bees, Butterflies

125 + seeds per pack / 2,400 seeds per gram