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Monarda fistulosa / Wild Bergamot / Monarde fistuleuse, Bergamote sauvage

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Monarda fistulosa, Monarde fistuleuse, Bergamote sauvage / Wild Bergamot   Bee magnet with these showy purple flower! Monarda fistulosa, wild bergamot or bee balm, is a wildflower in the mint family, Lamiaceae, native plant in much of North America. Attracts bees and hummingbirds with these lovely clumps of flower. You can use the leaves in tea, with the strong bergamot of Earl Grey. 

No stratification needed.

H: 75 cm L: 45 cm Espacement: 45-60 cm

Soleil/mi-soleil - Sun/Part-Sun 

Floraison: violet, juillet, août

Blooms: light purple, later summer

Indigène du Québec Native 

Approx 100 seeds