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Jardin d'ombre (9 plantes) / Shade Garden (9 plants)

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Une collection de 9 semis choisies avec soin pour le jardin à l'ombre.
A collection of 9 carefully selected plants seedlings for shade gardens.

Vos plantes comprendront un assortiment des suivantes : /  Your plants will include an assortment of the following:
Aquilegia canadensis / L'Ancolie du Canada / Wild Columbine
Mertensia Virginica / Virginia Blue Bells - Mertensia / Cloches de Virginie
Chelone Obliqua / Turtlehead pink / Chelone obliqua
Penstemon hirsutus / Penstémon hirsute / Hairy Beardtongue
Arisaema triphyllum / Jack in the Pulpit
Asarum Canadense / Canada Wild Ginger


Order in April for for mid May pick-up or local delivery.