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Helenium autumnale / Autumn Sneezeweed / Hélénie automnale

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Sneezeweed is an easy to grow, late season winner! The tall bushy plants are filled with flowers that look like small button-head sunflowers.  Wide native range around Canada/US. Native to Québec. Bees love it! Butterflies love it. And it looks fantastic with the purples of your New England Asters. 

A note about the name: Autumn Sneezeweed is another one of the best plants with a underserved bad reputation. It was, in the olden days, often confused with ragweed. It is non-allergenic, long blooming, tall and a happy yellow as the days are getting shorter. 

That said, a kid recently informed me that name "Sneezeweed" makes perfect sense. They said the flowers look like someone sneezed on them and blew all the petals backwards. Voila. So true. Smart kid!  

Helenium autumnale / Autum Sneezeweed / Hélénie automnale

H: 130 cm L: 30-40 cm

Espacement: 60 cm Soleil- Sun

Floraison: jaune Blooms: yellow, Sept, Oct

 Indigène du Québec Native

No stratification needed.

Planting Outside: plant in fall or spring after last frost. 

Indoors: start 8-10 weeks before last frost. Press gently on soil. Keep moist.

À l'extérieur : planter en automne ou au printemps après la dernière gelée.

À l'intérieur: commencer 8 à 10 semaines avant la dernière gelée. Pressez doucement sur le sol. Garder humide.Pressez doucement sur le sol. Garder humide. 

0.25+ g (approx. 800+ seeds)

Jumbo Pack - 5g