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Eupatorium perfoliatum / Boneset

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As many of you, I’m interested in making “waves” of plantings in my pollinator garden. Three boneset plants seedlings came through this summer and delivered a soft swoosh of white flowers. And, boy-oh-boy the bees loved it! Grows up to 4 feet with small white clumps of flowers. Boneset (Eupatorium perfoliatum) is a native wetland plant that was used by Indigenous peoples and early European settlers, yes, to set bones and treat fever and flu. Like many native plants, Boneset will not bloom in first year. Apparently, the nectar is easy to access for many insect species making it a shallow “dive” for your pollinators! July, August, September blooms. Deer resistant.

Growing: Start outdoors in fall. Cold stratification needed. Press gently to ensure soil contact. Keep moist and warm for indoor germination. Space seedlings 1-2 ft apart.

Sun, Part Sun, Shade, Nectar, Bees, Deer resistant, Butterflies

Approximately 0.2 g/ 100 seeds