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Aquilegia canadensis / L'Ancolie du Canada / Wild Columbine

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I love Wild Columbine for the fun shape of the delicate red and yellow flowers and your early bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds will love it for the nectar! Wild columbine, is a perennial native to woodland and rocky slopes in eastern North America. Tolerates dense pine tree areas and deer. 

Stratification à froid. Cold stratification.

*Very small seeds*

*graines minuscules! ne vous inquiétez pas.*

Couvrir légèrement de terre. Maintenir humide. Floraison en 2ème année. L'attente en vaut la peine!  Colibris!

Cover slightly with soil. Keep moist. Flowers in 2nd year.

Hummingbirds love it! 

H: 50 cm L: 45 cm Espacement: 30-40 cm

Soleil/mi-soleil - Sun/Part-Sun

Floraison: rouge, printemps Blooms: reddish, May-June, July

Indigène du Québec Native 

Attire les colibris - Hummingbirds love it!