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Anaphalis margaritace / Pearly Everlasting / Immortelle vivace

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I love the long blooming white button-like flowers of the Pearly Everlasting! They certainly do earn their name!! And, the silvery foliage is a lovely lower growing contrast to larger flowers and shrubs.  

Host plant for caterpillars of American lady (Vanessa virginiensis) and painted lady (Vanessa cardui). 

Pro tip: the seed are tiny, but don’t be deterred. They grow well later in the first season. 


Pearly Everlasting seed starting:

Outdoors: press gently on soil in fall.

Indoors: Cold stratification, press into soil, needs light to germinate. Keep moist.

À l'extérieur : presser légèrement sur le sol en automne.

À l'intérieur : Stratification à froid, presser dans le sol, a besoin de lumière pour germer. Garder humide.      

Anaphalis margaritace, Immortelle vivace, Pearly Everlasting

H: 60-90 cm L: 30-60 cm

Espacement: 45 cm

Soleil/mi-soleil- Sun/Part-Sun

Floraison: blanc, fin de l'été/automne

Blooms: white, late summer/fall

Indigène du Québec Native