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Achillea millefolium / Common Yarrow / Achillée millefeuille

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Tough plant with white summer blooms, that grows easily even in poor soil conditions. Butterflies dig Yarrow nectar and many species of moths and beetles use the plant as a larval host. Rhizome spread. Plant with care as Yarrow can be agressive but it’s such hit with butterflies and bees, I say… grow it and share with friends. 

Outdoors: sew direct in fall on surface. Needs light to germinate. I

ndoors: benefits from cold stratification. Keep moist.

H: 45 cm L: 30 cm Espacement: 30 cm Soleil/mi-soleil- Sun/Part-Sun

Floraison: blanche, juillet Blooms: white, July

Indigène du Québec Native, xeriscaping